School Bus Multiplexing

Since multiplexing is a main stay in highway trucks I want to go through it in more detail so if you’re a mechanic in the multiplexing world you will see more of the benefits that this new type of wiring communication system brings. The video was a quick view of what smart switches look like… Continue reading School Bus Multiplexing

Changing School Bus Programming

Changing the programming on one of our school buses from the end user side hasn’t happened until today with the help of the Freightliner dealer and Thomas Built Buses. For troubleshooting and service information we have the accessfreightliner website which is a remote website that can be logged on to using any one of our… Continue reading Changing School Bus Programming

School Bus Auto Chains

Automatic chains have proven themselves many times over in our fleet operation. With the flick of a switch they automatically apply themselves against the inner dual tire sidewall which rotates the chain wheel to throw the chains under the tire tread. The company that manufactures these auto chains is called ‘Onspot of North America’. They… Continue reading School Bus Auto Chains

School Bus Hendrickson Suspension

Twenty years ago the suspension on a school bus was solid leaf springs which worked well but since the introduction of air bag suspension the ride has greatly improved. The rear suspension on the bus in the video is manufactured by Hendrickson International who have been in the suspension business for many decades. I can… Continue reading School Bus Hendrickson Suspension

School Bus Body Shop

I haven’t said anything about our onsite body shop so I think now is the time to tell you all about it. We have a journeyman body man who does everything related to school buses. He replaces and repairs body panels, repairs and replaces seat covers, replaces damaged and fogged glass and paints where required… Continue reading School Bus Body Shop

School Bus Automated Light System

The pre trip on a school bus is one of the most important steps of the day for the operator. At this stage the bus is sitting in the garage yard and the driver checks everything head to toe to determine if the bus is safe to use. Once they know the bus is safe… Continue reading School Bus Automated Light System