Rust Remover Showdown. Will Evapo-Rust prevail?

Video: Several tests in this video demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of various store brand rust removal products (CLR, Krud Kutter, Evap-Rust, Loctite Naval Jelly), Muriatic Acid, as well as other options such as using vinegar or Coca Cola. More product details at the very bottom of the description. Which one works the best?

More tool tricks (mechanic edition )

Video: A little look into some tricks and tips that have to do with mechanics.

Tips For Getting Started In The Diesel Mechanic Field.

How to become a Diesel Mechanic

Mechanic Life Hacks

According to the Oxford dictionary Life Hack means: “A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way” Life hacks in the mechanic world happens all of the time with shortcuts and special tools being developed all of the time to make mechanic life easier. Working… Continue reading Mechanic Life Hacks

MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine Exhaust Leak

The video points out a couple of easy ways to get to the engine by removing the wheel and fender. This is a quick way to gain access to the exhaust manifold which had leaking gaskets. The vehicle inspection rules on a school bus states that any exhaust leaks have to be repaired before going… Continue reading MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine Exhaust Leak

Apprentice Mechanic Decisions

If you’re an apprentice mechanic I wouldn’t be surprised that you have a lot of decisions to make. Taking the plunge and getting into this trade has many options to think about. The mechanic label is stretched out to many other areas. Commercial transport, Heavy Duty and automotive mechanics are the big three and even… Continue reading Apprentice Mechanic Decisions

Mechanic Confessions and Tips

It’s true I’m being totally transparent and confessing right here right now. I can sum it up in one statement “I don’t know everything.” Even after 37 years of working in the heavy duty mechanic trade it would be a huge lie to say I know it all. First of all why would any mechanic… Continue reading Mechanic Confessions and Tips

Tough Job Interview Questions

So you’ve got a job interview and your nervous thinking what if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to? Everyone has been through that situation and I found an excellent resource that has 101 questions with answers that an interviewer could possibly ask you. I’m sure you would get a few… Continue reading Tough Job Interview Questions

Diesel Engine Regen

The parked regeneration is a regular procedure for diesel engines that get to the point where passive regens are not keeping the DPF (diesel particulate filter) clean. The differential pressure sensors will signal the motor control module MCM to alert the driver with an amber light on the dash that a parked regen is required.… Continue reading Diesel Engine Regen

Mechanic Road Test and Service Call Tips

The road test is one of the most important steps to take when troubleshooting a mechanical problem on any vehicle. Thousands of mechanics will agree with this statement. When you listen to a complaint from the driver of the vehicle in question you may not get the whole story. I like to find out as… Continue reading Mechanic Road Test and Service Call Tips