The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Auto Technicians

Video: Flat rate technicians have to work efficiently. Here are some tips from a master mechanic who works flat rate and the ten things he does to be successful.

Why Japanese Built Cars are the Best Used Cars to Buy

Video: Greg Macke – Your Car Angel – shares why Japanese built cars are the best used cars to buy. Toyota and Honda were producing the most reliable cars in the mid 2000’s. Build quality was excellent, together with high quality parts and high quality manufacturing. This was is what is considered the golden age… Continue reading Why Japanese Built Cars are the Best Used Cars to Buy

Workers Killed While Doing Tire Repairs Incorrectly

Video: Changing tires can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Tires can explode with devastating force. This slide show profiles three serious tire accidents.

How Tire Safety Cages Can Prevent Serious Injuries From Exploding Tires

Video: A tire safety video from Branick Industries highlighting the dangers of an exploding tire and the benefits to using an inflation cage and auto inflator.

The Top 5 Ways to Remove Rounded or Broken Bolts Fast and Easy

Video: In this video Junky DIY Guy shows you a variety of ways to remove stubborn nuts and bolts including….. Removing a rounded bolt head. Removing a rounded nut. Removing a rusted bolt without rounding it off. Removing a broken bolt inside a hole. How to to use a bolt extractor. Remove a stuck or seized… Continue reading The Top 5 Ways to Remove Rounded or Broken Bolts Fast and Easy

Snap On Tools New Duel Sided Impact Wrench Extension

Video: Another cool review of Snap On’s new reversible impact wrench extension. Great for getting at hard to reach bolts. Part number FRW10.

Thomas C2 School Bus Heating System

The heating system in the Thomas C2 conventional school bus is fairly modern with electrical controls that move using a dial type switch that is called a rheostat. A rheostat is a resistor that controls how much the motor turns to open and close a door in the heat ducting for cold and hot heating… Continue reading Thomas C2 School Bus Heating System

Multiple-Spindle Attachment For Removing All Lug Nuts At Once

Video: Multiple Spindle Attachment Application: Wheel Lug Features: – Lightweight precision gear case – Adapter fits cordless power tools

Here Are The Top 5 New Car Gadgets and Tools for 2018

Video: Here are the coolest gadgets and tools for this year from Chris Fix. He uses all of them and wants to share them with his fans.

Rust Remover Showdown. Will Evapo-Rust prevail?

Video: Several tests in this video demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of various store brand rust removal products (CLR, Krud Kutter, Evap-Rust, Loctite Naval Jelly), Muriatic Acid, as well as other options such as using vinegar or Coca Cola. More product details at the very bottom of the description. Which one works the best?